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Weather and Cancellation Policy

Our Upward league does not follow  JCPS for holiday or weather-related closings.  We make our own decisions and post them here and on social media.  For immediate news and updates, be sure to sign up to receive Reach Alerts.  Here’s how:

  1. Go too www.reachalert.com
  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT
  3. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the prompts
  4. When prompted for Network name, enter UPWARD – SMBC (our name will appear before you type 3 letters, just click on our name)

If you requested a text message, REACH Alert will immediately send a text message containing a 4 digit number, simply enter this number on your computer screen.

REACH Alert serves thousands of people in the Louisville area (schools, businesses, health clubs, churches, etc.).  If you already have an account with REACH Alert, just login to your current account and click on JOIN NETWORK on the right side of your dashboard page and follow the prompts.