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A COVID-19 Update

Normally about this time of year we would be getting ready to open registration for our season. However, there is nothing normal about these days in which we are living.

Our leadership team is monitoring the state of youth sports and trying to be as responsible as possible as we ponder the future of our league. Everyone wants to play, but we also want to be safe and do our part in contributing to and maintaining a safe environment for our community and our state. At present our campus is closed with the exception of Sunday worship (when allowed) and a few narrow circumstances involving very small groups of people when social distancing can be easily managed.

Absent a vaccine or a dramatic reduction in cases, the concern is simply that we will not get to a safe place for games, or that the requirements necessary to be safe will be so extensive as to be unworkable for our staff and facility. Based on what’s happening so far nationally, some areas are delaying their start, cutting seasons to a few games, or cancelling altogether. Upward national has produced a series of webinars that have been very helpful as we try to think through options.

If you have not already done so, this would be a good time to sign up to receive ReachAlerts. That continues to be the fastest way we have to communicate with our league.  See below for instructions.

     But I trust in you, O Lord. I say, “You are my God. My times are in your hands.”     –Psalm 31:14-15a

How to sign up for ReachAlert

You decide if you want a text message, voice call, or an email.  Each household can register up to 4 phone numbers and 4 email addresses.  All you need to do is:

  1. Go to reachalert.com and click on MY ACCOUNT.
  3. Network Name: type UPWARD – SMBC (click on our name when it appeard in the dropdown list).
  4. Follow the prompts and enter your preferred contact information and select your role as a Parent, Coach, or Referee.

Once you have completed your registration, REACH Alert will send a confirmation. 

If you do not have access to a computer or if you experience any difficulty registering, please contact REACH Alert at (877) 307-9313.

Register to make sure you receive our messages!

Weather and Cancellation Policy

Our Upward league does not follow  JCPS for holiday or weather-related closings.  We make our own decisions and post them here and on social media.  For immediate news and updates, be sure to sign up to receive Reach Alerts.  Here’s how:

  1. Go too www.reachalert.com
  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT
  3. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the prompts
  4. When prompted for Network name, enter UPWARD – SMBC (our name will appear before you type 3 letters, just click on our name)

If you requested a text message, REACH Alert will immediately send a text message containing a 4 digit number, simply enter this number on your computer screen.

REACH Alert serves thousands of people in the Louisville area (schools, businesses, health clubs, churches, etc.).  If you already have an account with REACH Alert, just login to your current account and click on JOIN NETWORK on the right side of your dashboard page and follow the prompts.