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Picture Days!

As indicated on the Home Page, Picture Day for teams that play at St. Matthews (K5 – Grade 4) is Saturday, January 18.  Picture Day for teams that play at Hurstbourne is Saturday, January 25.  Make sure your parents are aware that they will need to arrive one hour early.  Please gather your team in the designated area and let photographer, Scott Henson know when everyone has arrived.  An order form can be found on the Home Page of this site.

Team Time Devotions! aka Mid-Practice Huddle/Devotion

Week of January 27 is Week 7!

Coaches, please remember to be prepared to lead the Team Time devotions at practice each week.  These can be found in your Coach Playbook as well as at  Teams should meet together at center court on the half hour and coaches should take turns leading.  Please use the content provided by Upward.  Special Practice Cards containing the selected Bible Verses are given out as indicated in the Coach Playbook.  They should be given out at Practice 2, Practice 5, Practice 8 and at the Last Practice.  Thank you!

The Green Stars

There has been some confusion about the Green Stars.  The Green Stars are given out at practice each week for participation in Team Time.  Memorization of the Bible verse is encouraged, but not required.

Star Presentation Tips

Click here to watch a short video by former League Director, David Garrard, explaining how to add energy and meaning to your post game Star Presentations!

Mid-Season Coach Meeting is February 2!

A Mid-Season Coaches Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 2 at 2 p.m. in the Chapel at St. Matthews Baptist (where we had our coach training meeting).  This meeting will last approximately one hour.  We will be looking back over the first half of our season as well as looking ahead to Awards Night.  Please make every effort to attend– especially if you are coaching for the first time.

Extra Resources!

Upward coach Jeremy Reiss has found several additional resources that might be helpful to you as a coach.  You might want also recommend them to parents!

(for iOS and Android)

– View team roster and participant information anytime, anywhere.
– Create schedules and easily sync personal and team calendars.
– Track who’s coming to each event, meeting, practice or game with member availability.
– Chat with the team, send last-minute alerts or send messages to custom groups.
– Securely store and easily share photos, files and documents.


Better athletes; better people.  That’s what youth and high school sports can and should produce. See how you and PCA together can help parents, coaches, athletes and leaders make Better Athletes, Better People a reality in your community and nationwide.  Of special interest is a video about the worst part of youth sports: the ride home!  Check it out here:


The first-person voice of the Christian athlete. With more than 50 testimonial videos shot, and hundreds of articles written by the athletes themselves, The Increase is reaching millions in Jesus’ name through the world of sport.

Game Day Tips!

Things to remember/do on Game Day:

— Arrive at the gym 15 minutes early and gather your team.
— Be ready to take the floor for warmup as soon as the game preceding yours ends.
— When you hear the horn, gather your team on the bench and get ready to send them to the center of the floor when their name is called during Player Introductions.
— During the game, remember that substitution breaks are not timeouts.  Make your substitutions as quickly as possible so we can stay on schedule.  The clock will start as soon as two teams are ready.  (K5-Grade 4 leagues only.)
— At halftime, take your team off the floor and to one of our designated halftime meeting rooms.  An Upward rep will come get you when halftime is over.
— After the game, gather your team, parents and fans and go to one of the meeting rooms for post game comments and the Star Presentation (see video below).
Remember what it means to wear the White Star!  Be an encourager and a good example to your players and our fans!

(Please encourage your parents to check out the Game Day Guide at the bottom of the Parent’s Page on this website!  You might find the information helpful as well!)